MTG db 1.8 Live

MTG db 1.8 is now available from the App Store. Among many cool new features is the ability to Swipe a search result to see the card price, left or right, that’s up to you. We’ve also implemented a two player life counter so you can keep track of both you and your opponent. There are also a whole bunch of back end changes and little visual tweaks, like to that of the price guide. Updating prices is now faster and should take less than a minute. Also just using MTG db should now feel faster and snappier.

MTG db 1.8 will also include the optional MTG db Extras Pack 1 which is an add-on pack that will allow you to search cards without art offline and speeds up searches with art online. It will also let you download new sets as they become available in seconds on Wi-Fi. All cards from Alpha to M10 will be immediately available to search offline without any additional downloads with the purchase and Extras Pack 1 will also enable a Set Browser. Set Browser allows you to choose  a set and swipe through each card image from the entire set in an enlarged format, an internet connection is required for this feature. New sets will be available in Set Browser as soon as they are on Gatherer and with a simple tap of the Update button in Offline mode. Purchasing Extras Pack 1 is simple, simply switch Offline Mode to On or tap Browser. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation and it works just like buying from the App Store. Then the new features are available for use immediately.

We hope you enjoy the changes to MTG db as we continue to improve the experience.

MTG Deck Builder Demo Video – Show Sets

We were originally going to describe some more new stuff being added in MTG Deck Builder 2.0 but Proxy the office Fading_Text suggested we show you instead. So we present to you part one of many short demo clips. This one shows off the new Show Sets button allowing quick and easy browsing of cards by set. Let us know in the comments if you want to see more or if we should just stick to text/pictures.

MTG Deck Builder 2.0 Gold

MTG Deck Builder has been submitted to Apple for approval. Some more neat features that will be introduced is the ability to add and subtract single items from the deck without deleting and re-adding. In-order to delete all copies of a card out of a deck at the same time, there is the new swipe to delete gesture. Simply swipe horizontally across the card you want gone and a red ‘X’ will appear, tap that and poof.

As of 2.0 we now also support e-mailing of deck lists. An envelope is now visible at the upper right corner of the deck interface. Tap that and instantly mail your entire deck list, sideboard, and notes to anyone you’d like. In addition, MTG Deck Builder now features auto-save. Simply work on your deck and when your done, tap done or just exit the app. All your changes are automatically saved.

More details to be announced as the update gets released.

MTG Deck Builder 2.0 will require iPhone OS 3.0.

MTG Deck Builder 2.0

We’re almost finished with MTG Deck Builder 2.0. One of the biggest changes we’re implementing moving forward is the shift to an entirely offline database. What does that mean? It means that it will be faster, you won’t need to search Gatherer for every card and it will work Offline right out of the box. No more lengthy downloads, the entire Gatherer card database [without art, upto M10] will be available instantly after the update. But this doesn’t mean the App is entirely offline, it will still use the internet to fetch art and download new sets that come out later. The art is downloaded in the background, automatically, as long as there’s an internet connection. And as always the art is automatically cached, so once you’ve seen a card it will always be available even offline.

We will detail the rest of the tweaks, changes, and new features as the update gets closer to release.

Let’s Get this Party Started

Some of you have been wondering why our website was becoming dated. That’s because we were working on an entirely new one! Welcome to Prixeon 4.0 and the site sure looks different from back when we first started in 2004. With more products and updates coming out and a growing fan base we needed a new look that could bring it all together. So check out our twitter feed on the right, browse the product catalog up top or leave a comment down low. Along with the new site we want to remind everyone out there how to get in touch with us for any reason at all, we love hearing from you! You can always @prixeon us on twitter or blast an e-mail to support[at]prixeon[dot]com. We do read each and every single one.

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