MTG db 1.8 Live

MTG db 1.8 is now available from the App Store. Among many cool new features is the ability to Swipe a search result to see the card price, left or right, that’s up to you. We’ve also implemented a two player life counter so you can keep track of both you and your opponent. There are also a whole bunch of back end changes and little visual tweaks, like to that of the price guide. Updating prices is now faster and should take less than a minute. Also just using MTG db should now feel faster and snappier.

MTG db 1.8 will also include the optional MTG db Extras Pack 1 which is an add-on pack that will allow you to search cards without art offline and speeds up searches with art online. It will also let you download new sets as they become available in seconds on Wi-Fi. All cards from Alpha to M10 will be immediately available to search offline without any additional downloads with the purchase and Extras Pack 1 will also enable a Set Browser. Set Browser allows you to choose  a set and swipe through each card image from the entire set in an enlarged format, an internet connection is required for this feature. New sets will be available in Set Browser as soon as they are on Gatherer and with a simple tap of the Update button in Offline mode. Purchasing Extras Pack 1 is simple, simply switch Offline Mode to On or tap Browser. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation and it works just like buying from the App Store. Then the new features are available for use immediately.

We hope you enjoy the changes to MTG db as we continue to improve the experience.

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