MTG db

Search a database of every Magic the Gathering card ever printed right on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Type in keywords, card names, or anything you can remember and MTG db will find you all Magic the Gathering cards fitting your description. Then with a simple tap, it will show you the card image pulled right from the official Magic the Gathering Gatherer card database.

MTG db will also retrieve and analyze pricing data from the internet to value every card in Magic the Gathering! So if you need to do a quick price check during a trade, MTG db is here for you.


  • Search for any MTG Card Ever Printed
  • Search by Name or Card Text
  • Instant Update when new sets are released
  • Real-Time Price Information
  • Offline Price Data
  • View Actual Card Art
  • Touch Interface Life Counter
  • D20 Dice
  • Filter search by Color, Set, and Type
  • Oracle Text
  • Current Errata For All Cards
  • Art Caching

MTG db Extras Pack 1

  • Set Browser. Swipe through the Art for entire sets.
  • Offline Mode. Instantly search for cards and get prices without an internet connection.
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Requires an internet connection.