MTG Deck Builder

MTG Deck Builder is the only tool you’ll ever need to create and analyze any Magic the Gathering deck! From simple casual prototypes to complex, statistically perfect tournament decks, MTG Deck Builder has everything you want!

MTG Deck Builder comes with built in Gatherer connectivity allowing you to search every Magic the Gathering card ever printed right on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Deck Builder allows you to create as many deck lists as you want and even automatically caches decks for offline viewing, card art and all, no downloading needed! You can even get detailed statistics for your deck, from mana curve to color break down. MTG Deck Builder will also let you test the deck by drawing it out and then you can e-mail the deck list right from your device!

Use MTG Deck Builder to figure out exactly how your deck will hold up and how to improve it with the only full featured Magic the Gathering Deck Building utility for iPhone/iPod Touch!


  • Main and Side Board Deck Lists
  • Full Gatherer Search with Art!
  • Offline Deck Viewing and Art
  • Deck notes and Markups
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Mana Curve Graphs
  • Color Breakdown Charts
  • Card Search Filters
  • Direct Card Lookup
  • Oracle Wordings
  • Instant Set Updates
  • Offline Mode with Art
  • Test Draw the Deck
  • Auto Save
  • E-mail Deck Lists
  • Show Set View
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Search and Create Decks Entirely Offline!
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