UnMobile is the solution to weak, crippled “mobile” websites. UnMobile is compact, secure, and will display true desktop websites, not crippled mobile versions. You get mobile internet the way it’s supposed to be.

UnMobile is the only web browser available that will let you visit your favorite sites on your iPhone/iPod Touch just as if you were on your desktop. In addition, UnMobile is a Full Screen browser, which means no pesky tool bars obscuring your favorite websites. A simple tap of the “Globe” will bring up a clean simple UI for navigation.

UnMobile is also a Private Browser, meaning no history is kept and the cache is emptied on exit. The only thing stored is the last visited page. With UnMobile you leave no finger prints of your browsing activity.


  • Full Desktop Web Pages
  • Full Screen Browsing
  • Private Browsing (No History or Caches Saved)
  • Gesture Support, Just Like Safari
  • Portrait or Landscape View
  • Secure, Fast, Simple

Although UnMobile displays desktop websites, it is still a mobile browser and has the same limitations as Safari. Not all websites will work properly.

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Buy Now!